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Yes, I know it’s early for this.

Last night was this:

(Credit to Brian Gjurgevich)

Soccer City, USA, hosted the national teams from Costa Rica, Cuba, Belize and our own Nats for a pair of Concacaf Gold Cup matches. And, in the process, we pissed off Texas.

And then this came out today:
(Credit to mls)

So, the 2014 MLS All-Star Game will be played at Jeld-Wen. Merritt and the mayor and our not-terribly-beloved MLS commissioner Don Garber made the official announcement this afternoon, months after MP let it slip on Twitter.

I’m not a fan of the ASG in its current format. It falls mid-season and is little more than a money-grab wherein our chosen (though exactly how they’re chosen is questionable) players take on an extra match in the dead of summer that is played against an arguably better-rested European side for no apparent reason other than the aforementioned money-grab. And I’m certain I’m not alone in my thinking.

But, when it comes down to it, with the game being played in Portland, I’ll most likely put up the cash and go. Because I’m a sucker. And I’ll probably buy an over-priced commemorative scarf. Because I’m a rube.

I wonder what our level of involvement will be. The clip above makes it pretty clear that the TA will be expected to raise a pretty significant tifo. Clive and Salt Girl (or whatever it is people call her) are pretty prominent. But to do something on that scale for a game that so many of us care so little about seems disingenuous at best.

But to not do something, something truly spectacular, would be a lost opportunity. I think. I don’t know.

Thankfully, we’ve got some time to think about it. Thoughts?


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The streak is over: remembering.

A year ago, we lost a stupid game at Rio Tinto. A hat trick from Alvaro Saborio and a Diego Chara red card sealed our fate and, as we would know less than 48 hours later, the fate of wee John Spencer. In light of that, I’m thinking the Columbus loss doesn’t seem so bad.

A year ago, I wrote this thing. I was just starting to realize the doom and gloom that being a Timbers supporter could sometimes bring. Two days after that, we were without a coach, without a plan, and without any of the hope and expectation with which we’d begun the season.

A year ago, we had a week to gear up for a home match against the Galaxy, same as we do now. And I’m going to go ahead and call it: the result will be much, much different than last year’s result.

Let me insert here a short note for any Timbers who may read this: under no circumstances do I want to see any Robbie Keane cartwheel goal celebrations in the North End. Shut that shit down. I have no patience for it.

We’ll be without Kah this time around, as we were without Chara last year, due to the red card. And we’ll be without a national team player or two. But, unlike last year, I’m not concerned. If we’ve learned anything about this team, it’s that they will fill the spaces that need to be filled. They play with heart, something sorely lacking in last year’s squad.

Our unbeaten streak ended in Columbus at nineteen games. Meh. Remember: Salt Lake began last summer’s winless streak. From that point forward, we didn’t win a match until the end of August: nine games without a win. I can’t imagine this current team going into a tailspin like that. It won’t happen. Will Johnson will strangle someone with his bare hands before he would let that happen. And if he didn’t? Caleb Porter would step in and give the “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed” dad speech and it would be TERRIFYING.

More and more, I get the feeling that these guys know they play, above all else, for us. Win or lose, I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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You’re not the boss of me

Betcha thought I was going to rant about Boca. Nah. Maybe tomorrow. It’ll depend on the weather.

So, there’s a link floating around on the interwebs to a letter sent by Real Salt Lake to the club’s supporters. It outlines the steps the club and MLS are going to take to eradicate the YSA chant at Rio Tinto.

Good grief.

I think that we can all agree that it’s a stupid chant and it needs to go the way of the dodo. Simple enough. But it still lives in a handful of stadiums and rears its ugly head every once in a while despite the best efforts of people who actually have a little class.

So, what’s the problem?

The expectations placed on the SGs a RioT are pretty ridiculous. Instead of a “Hey, we’d appreciate your help in getting rid of this silly thing” it’s a “You will demonstrate a commitment to eradicate all chants with foul language but at RioT and at away venues and you will publicly endorse this plan and here’s the deadline at which point we will consider levying sanctions against you.”

Whoa. What?

Now, maybe we don’t have the whole story here, but what it looks like from here is the RSL FO and MLS may have lost their minds.

“You will do what we tell you to do OR ELSE.”

Welcome to MLS Supporters Week.

Now, sit quietly and listen while MLS tells you how you should be supporting.

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