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Storming the castle

It’s snowing in Glasgow. Cars are skidding off roads, people are being warned to stay home if they can. The Hearts/Rangers match was just abandoned after 20-some odd minutes, with many in attendance saying it should never have begun.

But the abandonment of the match won’t be the story of tonight. Tonight will be remembered for something entirely different.

Tonight is when the support, recently so fractured and difficult to navigate, finally came together for one cause: to voice their frustration with those charged with the survival of a club on the brink of collapse.

Decisions made by the board have left the club in shambles, have left the coffers nearly empty, have left so many of us wondering if we’ll make it through to the end of the season without seeing administration again. Those who have stepped forward to help, to invest, to secure the survival of Rangers have been turned away in favor of others whose sole purpose is to turn a bit of a profit before moving on to the next project.

Within the last few days, we’ve reached the point where enough was finally enough: risking security over Ibrox in exchange for a few dollars, the sale of Lewis McLeod to, in essence, keep the lights on, the complete and utter disregard for supporters.

Fans are gathering outside the gates of Ibrox now, an hour after the game was abandoned. Finally. I hope they stay there until the future is secure.

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