Turn it up to eleven – October 6, 2011

06 Oct

There comes a point about this time every year when people start combining words in clever and often irritating ways.

Thus comes Rocktober.


Somewhere, years ago, some DJ, probably at an AOR station somewhere in middle America, launched this at us from his DJ booth right before putting on a Led Zeppelin lp and wandering out for a smoke. I wish I knew who that guy was. And I sincerely hope he found a job selling cars or insurance or something  because, the older I get, the more irritating ROCKTOBER!!! gets.

But something else has happened more recently. Libraries have given us Booktober. Knitters have taken up Socktober. And, God help us, Crock-Pot has given us Crocktober.

Honestly, it makes my head spin.

So that’s it, today’s October Thought for the Day is ROCKTOBER!!!!! It’s coming for you.

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