Reconnecting – October 9, 2011

09 Oct

I went to a Tweet-and-Meet tonight. Seemed a fitting activity for October.

We all kind of wander off for the summer, hiking in the mountains, traveling to sunnier climes, doing summery things. I think this stems from all those summers off from school in our formative years.

But once fall hits, we start to settle down. And when the weather turns, usually October-ish, we look to reconnect with those we’ve left behind in our quest for all things summer.

So, here we are. And it’s time to reconnect.

I had the opportunity to reconnect with someone yesterday that I haven’t seen in at least fifteen years. My, how we’ve both changed. It’s amazing to look back at that time so long ago and realize how far we’ve come. And she reminded me that I carved pumpkins at her parents’ house during the October during which the first round of October Thoughts were hatched. Strange world, this.

So, here’s your homework, October friends: reconnect. Reconnect with family, with friends, with who you are. Yes, that’s the tiniest bit existential, but that’s how I roll once October dawns.


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