What comes next.

13 Jul

We stand. We sing. We support.

That’s what we do.

But this feels different.

It seems the home opener was both three days ago and six years ago. The anxiety, the excitement, the anticipation. The race to get to the stadium after work. Though we’d just had the preseason tournament days before, it still felt like a homecoming. Hugs and smiles and spilled beer and the Greatest Tifo Never Seen in North America!

Three goals. Green smoke. Three points. For many, a deep sigh of contentment. This is it. This is where we start Spenny’s “34-Oh-and-Oh” season. WGWTL.

And here we are. Halfway through.

And everything feels new again. We’ve been through a lot this season and I hope I’m not alone in feeling like this is where we start over.

I’m sure a lot of folks are apprehensive. I’m sure some have given up, written this year off as a learning experience (as evidenced by some truly ridiculous posts on the Timbers FB page – DON’T EVER READ THE COMMENTS). What’s the cliche used by sports writers the world over? It’s a young team, it’s a building year….

Building year, my arse. Every year is a building year.

I was prepared for a nervous anxiety leading up to the LAG match. I was half-expecting to feel something akin to dread. Beckham. Donovan. Keane. Magee. Junihno. Hmm. Well.

I don’t feel that. I feel…ready.

Ready for a new day to dawn. Ready for my Timbers to be the team they were meant to be.

Ready for what comes next.


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3 responses to “What comes next.

  1. Lucas

    July 13, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    Ready for Krissy Boyd’s first hat trick in Timbers green?

  2. Scott Brown

    July 14, 2012 at 10:30 am

    I don’t believe we’ll win…I expect we will. Can’t explain. Euphoria…despair…the 2 sides of the Timbers coin. Euphoria up, Timbers, euphoria up!


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