One city, one club, one love.

05 Aug

We get so caught up in the everyday business of soccer and complaining about soccer and celebrating soccer and bemoaning players who aren’t playing to their potential and coaches who seemingly refuse to coach that we forget that there’s so much more to this whole thing we’ve got going on here.

Our boys will play Sunday afternoon in this ridiculous heat. We’ll show up, we’ll stand in line, we’ll sing and shout and wave our flags. Perhaps our boys will win us three points. Perhaps not.

Right now, at this very moment, it matters little to me. Something else happened this weekend. Something we, and they, can be proud of.

This weekend, the Timbers Army raised $27,000 to benefit Harper’s Playground.

Twenty-seven thousand dollars.

In one day.

I am stunned. I am amazed. I am so proud to be in any way associated with these folks.

Harper’s broke ground recently at Arbor Lodge Park here in Portland and will be the first inclusive playground here, a playground without the barriers that kids (and adults) with disabilities find elsewhere. The Timbers Army/107ist has made it a core mission to improve access to soccer facilities in the Portland metro area, but this transcends soccer.

Today, thirty artists put their art up for sale and somewhere in the neighborhood of 900 prints were sold. IN ONE DAY.

Did you miss your chance to help? No, of course not.

The TA/Harper’s “Everyone Plays” scarf is still available here.

Harper’s Playground and the list of things still needed to complete the project are here.

You can join the Timbers Army and be a part of whatever the next big project is here.

Thank you to every single person involved in this. You make me proud.

Quick update: the remaining prints from yesterday’s event will be up on the Timbers Army website for purchase sometime soon. Go get ’em.

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