October 7, 2012: A gathering of friends

07 Oct

I know. I’m late. Apologies.

I’m a bit distracted by the most basic of October Thoughts today, as I have been over the last few days.

Today, I’m going to spend some time with my friends.

Like I’ve said before, I still tend to live my life by the school calendar. A summer free-for-all where we all scatter to the four winds, a September when we try to settle down and try to get ourselves back into a normal routine and then October.

October is for the gathering of the tribe, the time to come together to celebrate the harvest and renew relationships with those we may not have seen much over the summer.

Today is a little different for me. Today, I’ll be a part of a gathering of 1,500 members of the Timbers Army traveling 180 miles to the north to face our most hated rivals. A great deal of pride and passion and love will be shown today.

Every year at this time, I find myself a part of some gathering, be it a wedding, a memorial, a homecoming or this insane, rolling tailgate-convoy, that makes me thankful for those around me. Without each and every one of you, I’m not sure who I would be.

Thank you.

Happy October.


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One response to “October 7, 2012: A gathering of friends

  1. FDChief

    October 8, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    So sorry you had to be there to see that. Gawd, that was ugly.

    I’m still so furious at Gavin today I could spit. He just phoned in the last and only important match of the season, the last chance to salvage any glory from this disasterous year. And the team responded to his inept lineup selection and tactics with a display of ineptitude that was stunning in its breadth and thoroughness.

    I’m sick at heart.


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