October 10, 2012: Words

10 Oct

For years, I’ve counted October 10th as my anniversary as a writer. It’s silly and sentimental but, if you’re reading this, you know these two things are cornerstones of my personality.

I have a hard time writing in the summer. There always seems to be so much going on. Admittedly, I did more writing than I expected to this summer, but it ended up being in a field I never expected to be writing about.

But here we are in October and I’m slowly shifting over to my usual October creepiness.


In the distance, the last chime of the church’s bell slowly falls to silence.

Silence. Silence and darkness.

What lurks there?

Your pace quickens with your pulse. Your eyes dilate, but never enough that you see what might be just beyond the circle of light cast by the streetlight.

And believe me, there is something there. There’s always something there.

You pause there, in that circle of light. Do you dare set foot beyond it?

Happy October, kids.

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