October 16, 2012: Perfection

16 Oct

I think part of my struggle for October words this season has been the weather. It’s been warm. And dry. And not October-y at all.

And then today, when I was leaving work, there was a moment of near-prefect October.

The light was perfect. The sky was grey, both dark and light. It was just about to rain but the drops hadn’t yet begun to fall. The wind whipped through the trees that line the parking lot. The pavement was still wet and dark from a shower that had just passed. The leaves from the trees, mostly a deep brick red, were everywhere.

And that, my friends, was when October hit me. Full-force.

Now my mind is whirling with all the stuff I need to write about by the end of the month. So much October to fit into what’s left of, well, October.

Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be rapid-fire starting tomorrow. Suggestions welcome.

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