Lions and goldfish.

24 May

The Timbers have never beaten New York.

They have lost twice at New York and hosted two draws on their home field.

RBNY (or is it NYRB?) has Thierry Henry, and Jamison Olave, and Bradley Wright-Phillips who has nine goals on the season and two hat tricks. They have a trio of former Timbers who might be looking to prove a point. And they have Mike Petke and the 2013 Supporters Shield.

And the Timbers? They have a frustrated captain, a questionable back line and a number nine who’s just barely gotten off the plane from Denmark.

It’s time for them to step up.

It wasn’t long ago when the Timbers were giant-killers. Losses and draws were the norm, but then the Big Games would appear and the boys in green would out-play their opponents when no one expected them to.

Memory of that faded with the success of last season. But now, the frustration of being eleven games into this season with just a single win has reminded me.

“Heart of a lion, brains of a goldfish.”

Perhaps not the most diplomatic way to captain your side, but Will Johnson’s words after the Columbus match certainly make a point. There is a frustration there that’s been bubbling up and has now boiled over. This frustration gives me hope. This frustration comes from passion, from the knowledge that this team is better than they’ve yet shown, and from the expectations they haven’t yet met.

They can win. They will win. They must start now.

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One response to “Lions and goldfish.

  1. fdchief218

    May 25, 2014 at 9:22 am

    And they did! Maximum Maxi and the Boys close out a road win? It must be a Sign of the Apocalypse..!


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