150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow

05 Mar

In just a few hours, when we on the west coast of the United States are fast asleep, Rangers FC shareholders will descend on Ibrox Stadium on Edmiston Drive in Glasgow to vote out the remaining two members of the RIFC board and install three new ones.

The road to get here has been bumpy, lined with broken promises and outright lies and every manner of shady dealing. Even this week has been a bit of a roller coaster with stock exchange statements and news releases at every turn. It’s almost as though the football is but an afterthought.

And, I suppose, it has been.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, but I know I came to this club at the exact worst moment in its history. I fell in love immediately and I met some amazing people in the process.

Loudmouth blazer-chaser Chris Graham, idiot yank Shane Nicholson, that troll Andrew Dickson. I have learned so much from you. Each of you played a huge part in this story. When the history is written, I hope it is your stories that are told. Thank you for your service to the club.

Even with the coming change in leadership, the work is not done.

It’s nearly 7 a.m. in Glasgow. Today is the beginning of a new chapter.

Good morning, bears.

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