07 Oct

She’d been given a new passport when she was 13, with a new name.

Wolf, it said. Madeleine Wolf.

Her education began among the wolves, though she didn’t know it at the time. The oldest of them, Valdyr, was something of a lord. He was fierce, but kind, and was immediately intensely protective of Maddie and her brother.

The children stayed there on Valdyr’s highlands estate for several months, learning to ride, being tutored in Italian and French, and beginning to understand the very basics of what their lives would be like.

And it was there that Maddie met the dog.

“You’ll soon leave here,” Valdyr told her. “He will accompany you on your journey and stay with you as long as you wish. He’ll be your protector and companion.”

“He’s terrifying,” Maddie answered. She’d never been fond of dogs.

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