31 May

Seven months out of the stadium and here we are, just hours from the home openers for both the Timbers and Thorns and everything feels strange and unknown. Unsettled.

I have no ticket in hand, just a bit of technology that I’m hoping does not crash when twenty-some thousand people hit it at the same time. I mean, assuming we can all get anywhere near Providence Park what with the Starlight Parade tying up a significant chunk of downtown for half the day.

The front office is issuing Code of Conduct edicts through the supporters groups that no one’s clear on the details of, but have been controversial enough to spur some of the quietest folks to buy spraypaint and stencil the offending (historically anti-fascist) symbol on all manner of things.

I was pretty excited yesterday about the possibility of a trip to Starfire (I’m one of like six people in Portland that loves Starfire), but that came to a crashing halt.

I dunno, friends. Maybe I’m just a little raw from the significant changes that have happened for me over the last few weeks. Or maybe everything *is* different.

Everything is different, but I still managed to have more than one conversation today that brought me crashing into August 2012 mode. Be aware.


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Posted by on May 31, 2019 in Timbers 2019


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