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Credit where credit is due

I was sitting up in the top deck of Centurylink Field in October with a couple of other bloggers when the starting eleven for the Timbers hit Twitter.

Now, I didn’t know these guys very well at the time. We’d met once or twice in passing and I’d read the blog they both write for regularly. I don’t think any of the three of us were prepared for the collective rage and fury we expressed when Rod Wallace’s name was there in the eleven.

Rage and fury. And swearing. Lots of swearing.

RodWal seemed to find himself in the middle of stupid most of last season and he was on the list of players I was ready to offload as soon as our last match was done. But some sort of sacrificial offering was made and he wound up with an extended contract.

I’ve never been so happy to be wrong about someone as I am to have been wrong about Rodney Wallace. Let this serve as my personal apology to him.

He’s done the work, he’s picked up the pace and he’s remade himself into what he should have been in the beginning: a warrior.

In the bar where I was watching the match yesterday, my sentiment was shared by those around me. There was a delighted sense of disbelief. Is this the same guy? Where did this come from?

We’ve been seeing it build for a bit, this transformation. New coach, new attitude, new guys around him who know what it’s like to win and won’t settle for anything less. Someone last night said Wallace deserved a goal and, minutes later, he got it. And I couldn’t be happier for him.

I like this new Rod Wallace. Let’s keep him.

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Love is a battlefield

I love my Timbers. I do not just love them, I am in love with them.

Being in love is tough.

In sickness and in health, right? Through every triumph and tribulation. In torrential downpours and sweltering summer nights. Through the preseason and the offseason and the mid-season offseason.

Before, during and after CalFC, LAG and Dallas. Before, during and, looking to the future, after Gavin.

Through scoring droughts and and dodgy defending. Through threats of bans for dissension and reserved seating in the North End.

Through all of this.

As I write, less than seventeen hours from game time, the dread I was feeling earlier in the week is fading. Yeah, I said it. I was looking toward this game with dread.

I’ve been waiting all week for the next bit of bad news, waiting for some other ridiculous and/or terrible Timbers story to break. Instead, we had a quiet night Tuesday with Aston Villa and then radio silence.

Sure, there were a couple blips on the radar today: Eric Brunner back at practice after his most recent concussion and the possibility of seeing Trencito at training as early as September. And then we spent the rest of the day looking for Jake Gleeson at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

The sun will rise in a few hours here in Cascadia. The sun will rise and we will prepare ourselves for battle as we always do.

I want to see Boyd start. I expect to see Boyd start. Without him, the fire is lessened, the intensity lost. I want to see Alexander in the middle again. The wheels came off in Dallas, but I still think this is the best option for him. I’ll choose Smith over Chabala with apologies to Chewy. You show heart, Chewy, something I wish we saw more of from every player on the squad.

I’ll take Futty and Mosco and Horst and I’ll expect Horst to step up his game because I know he has it in him. It was about this time last year that I thought he really came into his own. I’m hoping for a repeat performance.

And here’s one I’ve never uttered aloud before: give me Rod Wallace. Painful to even see the words there, but there they are. Put him next to Franck.

And, to further illustrate the point that I should never be put in charge of choosing the starting eleven, put Dike and Richards up with Boyd.

Just this once, give Boyd the armband. That’s another thing you won’t hear me call for very often, but that’s where it should be right now: wrapped tightly around one of those inexplicably long-sleeved arms. We need his fire. We need his leadership. We need his experience. We need him to kick ass and not even bother to take names.

I’m leaving out players I want to see play. I would like to put fourteen, maybe sixteen guys out there. Zizzo and Fucito and Mwanga all deserve time. Can I play six forwards at once? This is just one of the myriad of reasons Gavin is the interim coach and I’m not.

Regardless of who starts, we will be there in full battle dress and in full voice. Win or lose, this is our team. We will not fail them. Ever.


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