October 1, 2012: October 101, October for Beginners

01 Oct

Okay, so here’s the thing: I know a fair few of you will have found your way here looking for me to be ranting about the Timbers.

Sorry. October has arrived. Any Timbers rants will be found at SlideRulePass. Please adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

I started writing about October long before I started writing about the Timbers. It feels like it may have been at least a hundred years but, in reality, I haven’t quite reached two decades of this October madness.

Why October?

October is the changing of the seasons, the color of amber, the scent of fallen leaves and, in the far distance, the howl of the werewolf. There’s something for everyone and it’s all crammed into 31 days in the fall.

So, I invite you to come long for the ride. There will be recipes for applesauce and sentimental trips through childhood memories and probably a few lines of a Warren Zevon song.

We enter October 2012 as the Harvest full moon is fading. Our days are growing shorter, our nights longer, and our thoughts turn from summer’s sun and frolic to the darkness of winter awaiting us.George R.R. Martin tells us winter is coming, but I have news for him.

October is here. Winter can wait.

Happy October, folks.

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