October 2, 2012: May it please the Court.

02 Oct

So, Tuesday dawns and those of you who are fiendish collectors of October lore already know that I’m off my game.

Yesterday, obviously, was Monday.

The first Monday in October.

Yup. I totally missed the opening of the Supreme Court.

As penance, I’ve just spent far too much time reading the synopses of many of the cases the Court will see this fall, among them a bunch of search and seizure stuff, international child custody issues, some Medicare reimbursement, and a whole bunch of environmental law. Oh! And my personal favorite, intellectual property. This is some exciting stuff, people, truly exciting stuff.

Okay, I get that not everyone experiences the same fascination with the court system that I have cultivated over the years so I’ll offer this:

The American Bar Association’s list of the “25 Greatest Legal Movies.”

Shockingly, Robert Redford’s Legal Eagles did not make the cut.


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2 responses to “October 2, 2012: May it please the Court.

  1. Shecky

    October 2, 2012 at 11:38 am

    Oyez, the supreme court. I’m an admirer from afar, to be sure.

    Just one more thing we have to chat about some day.

    I’ll bring your gift to the bus meet up Sunday.

    Yer on the bus, no?


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