October 3, 2012: The changing colors of autumn

03 Oct

There’s something special about the light of October.

The light of summer is bright and clear but October’s light is tinged with amber. With every passing day, the light grows deeper, richer. More…lifelike.

It is, I think, an echo of the changing color of the world around us. The green of summer foliage gives way to orange and gold and deep, dark red.

The tree in the neighbor’s yard, the one I look to as the bellwether for the changing of the seasons, is still mostly green, though a lesser green than it was just a week or two ago. By this time next week, it will be perhaps half red and the week after that? It will be afire with orange and yellow. When we leave October, it will be bare branches and a memory of the color it once wore.

Take a minute today to look around you. Enjoy the green that remains, but relish those other changing colors. They’re here but for a short time. Make sure you don’t miss them.

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