16 Nov

Offseason, Day 20.

We’ve begun the speculation part of our program. We’re watching other teams fire their coaches and release their under-performing players. We’re discussing the impending arrival of Caleb Porter and who will be released from our roster.

Rumor. Conjecture. Heartburn.

Merritt says announcements may come as early as next week. I’m a big ball of messy emotions. I hate this part.

Sure, there are a few players I think I can more easily let go of than others (there’s a little Jamaican I wouldn’t mind driving to the airport), but, for the most part, I’ll be sad to see any of these guys go.

This is, if you’ll remember, the same group of guys that held such promise last spring. I’m still kind of stunned that this is how we ended up. It’s going to take a long time to get over that.

There are those around me who are hoping for a full-scale house-cleaning. Get rid of as many of them as you can and start from square one. I’m not, mostly due to my sentimental nature, on that side of the fence.

We have talent that’s been left untapped. I don’t think this chapter is over yet. There’s a lot left to be written.

I’d like to see another few words about Steven Smith and Eric Alexander paired on the left with an occasional paragraph or two with Eric in the center.

I’d like a page or two where David Horst wears the captain’s armband.

I want to see more words about Bright Dike, who seems recently to be writing his own story, and more about a half dozen of the younger guys. I want a chapter in which Darlington Nagbe becomes a superstar.

And, as you all know, I’m not done reading Kris Boyd’s comeback story.

Lots of the writers and bloggers that surround this team have been working through the current roster, deciding who they believe should stay and who should go. Some of the things written have been poignant, educated, inspired. Some of it has been drivel. The one constant is this: we don’t know who will go and who will stay and we have absolutely no say in the matter anyway.

I know who I’d vote off the island. I know who I’d keep. I know some of the ones I’d like to keep will probably be on the chopping block, but I will continue to love them and defend them from the idiots who never understood their value. Because that’s what I do. Because these are my boys.

Someone hand me the Tums.


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3 responses to “Heartburn

  1. Shallish

    November 17, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    In the spirit of the season, I’m so grateful for your column. I feel as you do. I’m a passionate fan. I don’t write but I’m so glad that you do. Thank you!

    • octoberthoughtspdx

      November 18, 2012 at 12:16 am

      Thank you. Sometimes, I feel like I’m just shouting at the clouds. Thanks for reading.

  2. fdchief218

    November 20, 2012 at 7:25 am

    Not shouting. Reasoning calmly, perhaps…

    Can’t speak for anyone else in the community but I come to read you regularly. You’re doing a terrific job expressing what a lot of us are feeling right now; that churning uncertainty wondering whether players we’ve come to like, or love, will be here in the spring. Whether Gavin will make good choices or…be Gavin. What the impact of Porter will be on the pitch and in the dressing room.

    The Silly Season is a rough time for the fans, and the Front Office is being – at least in my opinion – especially cryptic and not helping. Why did go to all the trouble to bring in young Hogg, never play him, and then waive him? Why waive Freddy Braun and not, say, Taylor? Why was Renken disposable? Was it injury, or just too many forwards and he was the guy standing when the music stopped?

    Hang in there, though, and you can be assured that there’s at least one other supporter who thinks what you’re doing is very worthwhile!


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